As modern lifestyles change, what people want and need from a home changes too. And while once upon a time the dream was to live in a traditional quarter-acre block in the suburbs, for more and more people that is no longer the case.

Once adult children (finally) leave home, often the empty nesters left behind are faced with the task of maintaining a large house and garden. Today these singles and couples increasingly see a move to apartments as a way to simplify their lives – and their costs. Unused bedrooms, sprawling back yards, leaking roofs and sinking foundations are unfortunately just the beginning of older house problems.

By contrast, a new apartment not only cuts down on unused space and the cost of ongoing upkeep, it also introduces a new lifestyle which can be closer to the city and surrounded by shopping districts, parks, restaurants and entertainment.

When purchasing an architect-designed apartment with high-end finishes, such as those offered by K7 Developments, downsizing means enjoying this new lifestyle without sacrificing quality. And the difference in payments made on a house and maintenance compared to a new apartment can mean more holidays abroad, more time doing what you really like and, ultimately, a better quality of life.