As a property developer, we consider the location and the design of our apartments very carefully. We also closely evaluate the size of each development. To date, our projects have comprised around 35 to 50 apartments, which is considered a boutique offering in today’s market.

One of the reasons we have chosen to build at this level is that we want our buildings to seamlessly integrate within the surrounding streetscapes. As our locations are well established, we want to ensure the style and tone of each development is in keeping with each neighbourhood. Our sensitive approach to design is one reason that local councils and communities have been so receptive of our projects.

Boutique developments also give us the flexibility to go beyond the standard one and two bedroom offering. As we often build near Melbourne’s prestigious schools, we are frequently approached by families requiring more space. To respond to this demand we offer expansive three bedroom apartments. We also work with prospective buyers and our architects to combine smaller apartments into larger homes.

At K7 Developments, we are building new apartments that already feel connected to their neighbourhoods, at just the right size to have a sense of friendly community, and where singles, couples and families will all feel at home.