A recent report conducted by PwC has ranked East Hawthorn as one of the best lifestyle suburbs in Melbourne based on measured aspects of the locality and appeal of leisure activities such as entertainment, dining and cultural or sporting activities.

The report identified that Melbourne’s inner suburbs and middle suburbs in the east and south-east were the best places to live and work. In addition, areas outside the inner-ring were deemed as being dependent on increased services and amenities. It is for these reasons that projects such as the upcoming Brasshouse development provide an opportunity for end users to experience the best Melbourne has to offer.




The only way is up


An article written by Jane D’Arcy in Domain has highlighted the strong property price increases within the celebrated suburb of Brunswick in recent years. Domain Group data reports that over the past five years, the median house price here has jumped 47.2 per cent to $920,000, and has risen 17.6 per cent in the past year. Chief economist of Domain Group, Dr Andrew Wilson, says booming house prices in Brunswick reflect the emergence of the suburb as hipsters’ heaven with a “unique neighbourhood flavour and local characteristics”. Wilson says that with high levels of residential amenity and infrastructure and close proximity to the CBD (it’s only four kilometres away), house prices are sure to keep rising.

Brunswick is a proudly creative community. From rising fashion designers and bespoke jewellery makers to artisan bakers and independent coffee roasters, the area’s long tradition of craftsmanship and authenticity is well and truly alive. There’s a sense of culture and community in the suburb that’s simply unlike anywhere else. Based on this we are happy to call it home to our most recent project Seamstress.



Brunswick East


We have been working around the clock over the last few months with architects, RotheLowman and our creative team, Self-titled on our latest project Seamstress, tailor-made living in Brunswick East. As with all of out projects, we take pride in crafting residences that balance luxury and affordability in quality Melbourne locations. We believe Seamstress will live up to this promise, as we are working with the same team behind our Toorak Road success, Brasshouse.

We’re taking enquiries on our website now, and the display suite is under construction. We can’t wait to show you what we have planned.




As modern lifestyles change, what people want and need from a home changes too. And while once upon a time the dream was to live in a traditional quarter-acre block in the suburbs, for more and more people that is no longer the case.

Once adult children (finally) leave home, often the empty nesters left behind are faced with the task of maintaining a large house and garden. Today these singles and couples increasingly see a move to apartments as a way to simplify their lives – and their costs. Unused bedrooms, sprawling back yards, leaking roofs and sinking foundations are unfortunately just the beginning of older house problems.

By contrast, a new apartment not only cuts down on unused space and the cost of ongoing upkeep, it also introduces a new lifestyle which can be closer to the city and surrounded by shopping districts, parks, restaurants and entertainment.

When purchasing an architect-designed apartment with high-end finishes, such as those offered by K7 Developments, downsizing means enjoying this new lifestyle without sacrificing quality. And the difference in payments made on a house and maintenance compared to a new apartment can mean more holidays abroad, more time doing what you really like and, ultimately, a better quality of life.




A recent report produced by Oliver Hume Real Estate Group revealed that Melbourne’s increasing high-rise developments will put the city ahead of Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo in terms of density. One of the effects of this is an obvious reduction of quality, as space is given over to smaller apartments. The Australian Financial Review reported that the average size of a two-bedroom apartment fell from 62 to 59 square metres in the final quarter of 2014, while one-bedroom apartment sizes fell from 47 to 44 square metres.

While this might mean more profits for developers, we believe it calls into question the quality of life these apartments can provide. With little thought towards interior design, or indeed how these skyscrapers affect the surrounding area, the future looks bleak for residents in these shoeboxes of central Melbourne.

In May, the Victorian state government launched a discussion paper on apartment design, which seems to be the first step towards ensuring standards similar to those already in place in New South Wales. With almost 100,000 new residents anticipated for Melbourne each year, at K7 Developments we welcome positive changes in this area, and we look forward to reading the final report when it is released.




As a property developer, we consider the location and the design of our apartments very carefully. We also closely evaluate the size of each development. To date, our projects have comprised around 35 to 50 apartments, which is considered a boutique offering in today’s market.

One of the reasons we have chosen to build at this level is that we want our buildings to seamlessly integrate within the surrounding streetscapes. As our locations are well established, we want to ensure the style and tone of each development is in keeping with each neighbourhood. Our sensitive approach to design is one reason that local councils and communities have been so receptive of our projects.

Boutique developments also give us the flexibility to go beyond the standard one and two bedroom offering. As we often build near Melbourne’s prestigious schools, we are frequently approached by families requiring more space. To respond to this demand we offer expansive three bedroom apartments. We also work with prospective buyers and our architects to combine smaller apartments into larger homes.

At K7 Developments, we are building new apartments that already feel connected to their neighbourhoods, at just the right size to have a sense of friendly community, and where singles, couples and families will all feel at home.